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He Who Humbles Himself Will Be Exalted

23rd October – 30th SUnday in Ordinary Time Sometimes we think of the Pharisees as the ‘baddies’ in the Gospel because of the many examples that Our Lord used in His teachings.  That would be the wrong picture.  The Pharisees goal was often to lead a holy life (not unlike us), and strictly according to the Law of Moses.  Where they usually went wrong was to focus on the externals, interpreting Scriptures to suit themselves and to have a warp sense of self righteousness that saw themselves being ‘better’ than others.  Our Lord warns frequently and fiercely against the attitude
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Pray continually and never lose heart

In this Sunday’s Gospel passage (Luke 18 :1-8) Our Lord speaks of the need to pray continually and never lose heart. He gives us the parable of the widow pestering a judge – rather persistently – for justice. Eventually she gets what she wanted. It is very similar to the parable we heard a few Sundays ago – the so-called, the parable of the ‘Importunate Friend’ (11:5-8). In that parable, it was the harassed father of the family disturbed in the middle of the night who had to get up to help his friend because he was persistent. Persistence is
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One Out of Ten

This Sunday’s Gospel (Luke 17:11-19) Our Lord encounters a group of lepers.  Their suffering was more than their physical disfigurement and physical well being; they were also rejected by others.  Our Lord cured all ten of them but only one returned to Him.  Furthermore, he was a Samaritan, who as people, are hated by the People of God.  As I preached last week: how human it is of us to cry out to God in times of need, and then accuse God of not listening, and then in good times, to forget God.    The Samaritan got the full benefit
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